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FRONTALOT IN CONCERT (now with day rate) - THURSDAY @ PENGUICON HOTEL - Penguicon News — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FRONTALOT IN CONCERT (now with day rate) - THURSDAY @ PENGUICON HOTEL [Apr. 25th, 2011|12:14 pm]
Penguicon News


After much work and deliberation by highers-up, it will be possible to purchase Penguicon passes Thursday night before the concert. We're working out the details (for instance, you may have to pick up your badges Friday due to our printing schedule), so bear with us there - we're doing everything we can to get you in to see MC FRONTALOT!

In another smooth move, if you have friends who want to see Frontalot but might not want to spend the weekend at Penguicon, they will be able to purchase a Friday-only pass for $20. $20! That's the price of a cheap concert, right there, and it comes with FREE BEER on Friday, if they want to come back!

And really, we want them to come back and experience Liquid Nitrogen ice cream, Brandon Sanderson, hardware hacking, games, the dealer room, and the Con Suite, don't we?

Please remember to bring cans of food for the Gleaner's Food Drive!

If you will be coming to the show (8PM Thursday, Troy Marriott), PLEASE RSVP HERE. Remember that it is a perk we are providing to people coming to Penguicon! Thank our Con chair, Limey, when you see him - leg-humping is perfectly acceptable.

Some of his original songs:

"Romantic Cheapskate"
"O.G. - Original Gamer"
"Pr0n S0ng"
"Yellow Lasers"
"Hassle: The Dorkening"
"Indier than Thou"
"Shame of the Otaku"
"Black Box"
"Charisma Potion"
"Your Friend Wil" (yes, of the Wheaton kind)
"First World Problem"
"The Council of Loathing"